Erin T. White, LPC-S, RPT-S is the founder and clinical director of the Whole Child Center and offers clinical supervision to LPC-Interns and clinicians seeking a Registered Play Therapist credential. Interns may choose to maximize their supervision by working toward their LPC and RPT concurrently. The ideal intern must have completed university-level play therapy training and plan to work with children/adolescents and their family members for at least 50% of their direct contact hours. Supervision is available both for those who choose to work in a community agency setting as well as those who are interested in developing an independent practice at the Whole Child Center.

Interns who will thrive under Erin’s supervision are those who are motivated, self-aware, eager to grow, and playful. Primary emphasis is placed not only on development of strong clinical skills, but also on the cultivation of each intern’s unique talents and passions and establishment of their professional identity.

Individuals interested in supervision services should email a resume and three professional references (with one being their play therapy professor) to

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